Friday, April 30, 2010

Procrastinate from procrastinating :p

I was in the middle of doing some online research and I spent some time, well, to be exact, procrastinating by doing some Facebook Quiz and I found this interesting one entitled: How Much You Procrastinate?

Well, guest what? The result that I got: ADDICT! Hahahaha! Here is the description:-

You're HORRIBLE with your time! You're like me! You should be writing this quiz instead of studying for YOUR exam! You even procrastinate from procrastinating! You barely ever finish anything and when you do, it's usually a few hours before it's due, sometimes, even a few hours before your extension of your extension. You're on facebook or some other site about 99% of the time you spend online when you KNOW you should be finishing that project that's due the next day. Sometimes, you even procrastinate for the sake of procrastinating.

I have to admit. It is true actually. I tend to procrastinate at most of the time, especially when doing some reading or online research. :p

Okay. Have to get back to work or otherwise I will be considered as procrastinate from procrastinating. LMAO!

Google Translate

Wah, no need to carry the thick dictionary anymore. Introducing: Google Translate!

Awe-some! No, awe-a lot (as Barney said)! Hahaha!

BTW, a-post-a-day mode is reactivated! :p
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