Saturday, January 31, 2009


Type: Verb

Postpone doing what one should be doing

"He did not want to write the letter and procrastinated for days"

Postpone or delay needlessly

"He procrastinated the matter until it was almost too late"


drag one's feet
drag one's heels

Source: WordWeb Software Dictionary

Quotable Quotes of The Week

Some vocabularies that i think I want to use in the future:

My mother told me not to follow, which made me quite disappointed because I was hoping for a family vacation like last years, huhu... Yet, on Sunday I succeeded in requesting my lil' brother to drive me to Midvalley because I was sooo kempunan of Beard Papa's cream puffs.


At a junction, a car in front of me stopped suddenly. The signal lamp turned on, indicating it wanted to go to the right lane although he could actually do that without stopping . Consequently, he rest of the cars at the back, including me had to stop and wait until it managed to do that.

Last Saturday, my family and I were on a trip to fetch Haezel from her community service programme, “Program Latihan Khidmat Negara” which is located in Kem Ulu Pari, Aqua Village, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

"Supposed to"
I supposed to watch MKMF 2007 on TV but I lost interest and go online instead.

I am not being paedophilic and god-forbids-whatnot. This thought has been thought in my head. Hehe. I am a human after all.

"Come along"
Would you like to come along to visit Tailuro’s grave at Hokkaido tomorrow? I know you’re still tired and all but I’m hoping you to be there with me.


Personally, I think it is good that Warta Perdana is aired at 9pm. 7pm to 9pm is where we should spend the time for Maghrib and Isya prayers. Not watching the television and procrastinate our prayers.


Hahahaha! You guys should totally watch this video. It is about an adorable baby girl with an attitude, the "Whateva!" attitude. My friend sent me this video to me through LAN. However I managed to search in in YouTube.

So cute right? Especially when she was doing her hand and also her eyes (the eyes looking sideways and the hand up). Planning to teach my niece to do something like that also. Giler ar. Nanti got scolded by my sister. Hahaha!

I personally like to do the "whatever" thingy to some of my annoying friends. Occasionally! Not at all time or that will make me the one who being annoy.

Ok la. As usual, please comment on my grammar or whatever! Hahaha!

P/s - To download this video, you can use keepvid or if you are using IDM, simpy right click and choose "Download last requested FLV".

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Didn't or Haven't?

I always got confused with these two words.

For example, there was one time, when i want to collect the assignments (that should be graded) from the lecturer-in-charge:

Lecturer: Do you have the answer scheme?
Me (nervous) : No, I haven't got... oh.. didn't get it yet.

So, which one is correct?


Be My Teacher~

Correct my English and I will make you as my English teacher. Currently, I already have two teachers.


Miss Cheryl indirectly taught me something in my last post. Here what i learned from her:


Amend: To improve, basically to correct the wrongs, to make something better


I had downloaded many of them from LAN, and some of them I haven't watch yet.


I had downloaded many of them from LAN, and some of them I haven't watched yet.

Haha! really useful. Come on guys! Keep commenting about my English!

Quotable Quotes

In progress.

In this part, I will post some interesting sentences that i found from the internet especially from my friend's blogs.

Already requested for their permission, but now waiting for them to approve it. Hopefully they will approve la of course.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caution! Laziness Detected!

Hoho! Got many things to be settled in this week. Serves me right! Last two days i spent most of my day watching One Piece from 30+- past episodes till the current one! Crazy huh?!

I was so lazy to do anything which includes my FYP, homework, marking paper etc, etc. Mati la! Anyone, please pray for me. Pray that my laziness will go away. It is like a disease to me nowadays. Tolong!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Words of the day

From now on, I will be posting some vocabularies that I found interesting. From this, maybe I may increase the number of my vocabs and plus, some of them can even be practiced in our daily life . I will start with two words that I found for the hit tv series, Ugly Betty.

Source: Ugly Betty, Episode 512 - Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

1. Bossy pants

Term given to someone whom being bossy of course

Hilda: I might not do things the way that you want me to, but you can't be Betty bossy pants
Betty: Don't call me Betty bossy pants.
Hilda: Well, then stop trying to control everything.

2. Snafu

SNAFU is an acronym meaning, "Situation Normal, All F***ed Up". It is sometimes bowdlerized to "Situation Normal: All Fouled Up" or similar, in circumstances where profanity is discouraged or censored. In modern usage, "snafu" is often used as an interjection, as a shorthand for the sentiment expressed by the phrase. "Snafu" is also sometimes used as a noun or verb, referring to a situation that suddenly went awry, or the cause of the trouble. The acronym is believed to have originated in the US Army during World War II.

Betty: I've been dealing with a little work snafu.
Daniel: There was a work snafu, huh?
Betty: It's all taken care of. Amanda helped me.
Daniel: Hh. That's--that's great.

nEw tempLAte~~

Hahaha! My first template for this blog only lasted for 1 week. Hmm, I decided to change it because the color was almost the same with my main blog. See pictures below:

I found the new template (the purple bg..) here and I just love it. Simple but really catch my eyes. Thank you suckmyolly!

I love template with black in color for the entry background and got light color in contrast for the whole background. Is it nice? Is it too girlie? Nah right? Ok, as usual, please comment.

Thanks and see ya!

P/s - Plan to change the template of iraziz.blogspot but haven't found any that i like yet.


I am still at IIU (at the moment..) and plan to get back home after Asar. I plan to stop by at Mydin Pudu to buy some toiletries. Stock finish already.

Hmm, got so many assignment to be graded. Hopefully I can finish it by tomorrow. Don't want to postpone marking anymore as I will get more and more after each week.

K ar. I gonna pray for Zuhr and continue wathing One Piece. Muahahahaha!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Start Posting Already!

Hahaha! At last, i am typing for my first "real" post in my first ever 100% English blog (not really la, maybe 80% Eng, 20% BM..) . Actually, why I haven't post this entry sooner after my Prepost?

I want to make my first post special, but I don't know what to write about, and finally I ended up writing this. I don't have a clear idea what i want to write about but i feel like I must write something or otherwise, this blog wont even get started (Can you count how many "write" in this paragraph? =p).

Okay, I just got some ideas what to share with you guys. I want to tell you guys why and what I'm gonna do with this blog? Actually, it is absolutely as one of the platform that I choose to improve my English language. I want to post something which i must compose in at least 80% English and I want you guys to comment on every English error that i done in any of my posts in the future (Grammar, Vocab, Punctuation, etc), and from that, I can learn from my own mistakes. I really need your help in achieving my mission (kind of big right? Objective maybe... Hahaha!). Anyway that is the important one.

In order to reach my goal, i will pledge to myself that I will be posting on everyday to show my level of commitment in improving my English. Oh, some redundancy issue here.. Hahaha! (except for holidays la or when i got no internet connection). If I missed posting in any particular day, Insya-Allah I will qada' it on the next day. Hahahaha!

Lastly, to all my friend out there (or anyone), I really hope to get your support on this. Show your first support by commenting on any errors in this post! Hahahaha!

Ok, till my next post!

See ya!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This blog will be posted in English language. This is one of the steps that I took in improving my English language, hopefully! Ok, till my first real post!
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