Friday, June 12, 2009

My First Biotech-Related Job Interview.

Hahaha! It is already past two weeks since the job interview, but don't care, I still want to write about it.

Before I write about the interview, I want to tell you guys about my preparation for it. It was a bit kelam kabut. On the day before the interview, I just noticed that I don't have any plain and soft color long sleeved shirt. I searched my brother's wardrobe to see whether he has any but, nada! Hmmm, at the end of the dy, luckily I found this one shirt, white color with thin stripes. Boleh la. Asalkan soft color shirt.

Then, I have to msg Fiza (the I-know-all-about-fashion guy), to ask his opinion about what color of tie that I should match with the white+stripes shirt. He texted me back saying that I should wear the one with plain dark color. Alamak, mana ada yg plain dark punya. Then, I searched the house and I found this tie with red and small boxes pattern (curik adik aku punya). Hmm, then I tried to compare it with my other ties.

Boleh la. X plain pon xper la. X nampak pon that small boxes. No time to think about that. I still have to do some research about the company ( + facebooking a bit).

On the day of the interview, I printed out all the possible interview questions and also some info about the company. Then, suit up! Ready to go to the interview, which located at Phileo Damansara, PJ. Look at the pics below. Hensemkan aku? Hahahaha!

To go to Phileo Damansara, I had to take a bus, then LRT to Asia Jaya and a transit bus to the bustop nearest to the interview place. Then, my sister fetched me to the building.It is actually located nearby to Matric UIA PJ (xder la dekat sgt pon..).

Upon arriving, I did some last minute preparation for the interview. I checked my CV and then, try to memorize about the company details. Mcm nak exam daa...

FYI, Izzah had already went for the interview. While waiting for my sister to fetched me before, I actually called her to ask for some tips. She told me that the interviewer will ask about this and that and that bla.. bla..bla... Thanks Izzah!

Hmm, about the interview session, I think it went okay. Not too bad and not too good I think.

I managed to answer most of the questions, with some details of course. However, at some point, I think I did some major mistakes. The interviewer asked me to tell him about myself. I was supposed to introduce and try to promote myself to him. Commonly, for this type of question, it should be about five minutes or more but what I did was less than two minutes. Screeww me!

Another mistakes was that I told him about my weaknesses more than about my strength! Giler aper. At that time, I just want to be honest, tapi terlebih2 pulak. Adoi la~ I even told him that I am a kelam kabut punya person. Mana ada company yg nak ambik org yg kelam kabut. Bengong sungguh aku. Hahaha!

Last but not least, the interviewer asked me whether I am a JPA-scholar student or not. I told him that I am. Then he asked about the agreement la, ape la, kena kejer ngan government la.. I told him that for local sponsorship, it is not necessarily for us to work with the government but I dont't think I convinced him at that time. Hmm, hancur berkecai la nak kejer kat company tuh. Muka pasrah.

Now is already two weeks after the interview. I never recieved any call for the second interview. Dah paham la tuh. Hmm, xper la. Xder rezeki.

Nevermind, I still got another shot next week. I will be having an interview at this one popular biotech-related company. Wish me luck yer!


PrincessLiJo said...

Ni mesti gaya gi interview mcm dtg interview kat aku aritu! Pastu org tu pon bengan mcm aku bengang.. ade ke dtg interview mcm nak dtg gado..hahaha~

Emiratez said...

Haha.. Len kali study pasal interview tips yg blaja mase EOP. N lagi satu, xyah la jujur sgt. Ingat moto aku, org jujur selalu rugi. Wakakaka.. Ari isnin ni aku ade interview gak dekat Klang. Payah giler aku nk ulang alik each time ade interview.. Seb baik tambang bas leh claim. Hehe..

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ PrincessLiJo - HAhaha! Aku dah sehabis sopan lagi weh. Dah la dia byk tanya soklan. Hampeh tol. Tp aku jawab jer sumer soklan dia, cemerlang gitu. Hahaha!

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Emiratez - X sempat nak study. Hahaha! Aah, pasni aku taknak jujur gak ar. Kalo dorg tny aku budak jpa ker x, aku jwb, "JPA tu aper? Jab. Pertahanan Awam ek?". Hahaha!

Ala, ko x per ulang alik. Gaji masuk. Aku nih, duit semakin kering dah. Adoi la. Ingat nk join jer GEMS tuh. Malas pikir dah.

Ika said...

Hehehe... sukerlarr baca pasal interview nih.. cuak.. cuak.. takperr... rezeki tuh sume di tangan Tuhan.. InsyaAllah... Buat persiapan doa dan solat ahjat gak.. Moga tambah tenang masa interview nanti.. All The Best of Luck!!!! =)

Najia said...

dont give up! sometimes they take a long time to get back to u. call them back and tanya ur status la. good luck for the other interview!

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Ika - Suka? Hahaha! Tq2! Hmm, betol, rezeki sumer ditangan tuhan. And thanks for the tips. Gonna need it.

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Najia - Oh, I totally forgot about the 'call them back' part. Tq for reminding me. Heheh!

HamiWeeRAĆ© said...

waahhh.. hebat la ko.. makin mantap writing ko skg.. aku neh da lama xmenulis dlm english nih..

btw, all d bez 4 ur next interview n ape2 jela yg ko wat in future k..

btw, lawak la part ko ckp psl ko gelabah 2.. ahaha~ btw, ko mmg dewa gelabah! jgn marah! (tp aku lg teruk la dr ko la.. keh3)

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