Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Be Grateful

Yes, I''ll be lying if I say there is not a bit of jealousy when I see some of my friends able to pursue the things that he or she loves. Further studies abroad, secured a job which related to their degree or even having a family of their own.

But I must realize, there are many other strangers in the world who having more unfortunate situation than me. I should be grateful.

So, Aziz, for the time being, just hadap jer kerja ko skrg! However, don't lose hope. :p


Nur Adibah said...

Same goes to me now. Masih tercari2 arah hidup yg x pasti.huhu.

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Dibut - Jgn give up. berusaha lagi. Tp at the same time, be good at what u currently doing.

TheRebelKid/PrmpnDkwtMrh said...

semua anugerah yang Allah beri kepada kita ada bayarannya aziz.

dulu masa aku keje, walaupun stres kdg2, tapi aku lebih banyak goyang kaki la. masa main2 sgt byk.

skrg bila dah belajar balik, mmg dah takde sangat masa untuk diri sendiri.

aku sambung belajar untuk masa depan aku, bukan sebab aku suka. :)

berusaha aziz!!

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ wee - berusaha! thanks for the support!

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