Saturday, January 24, 2009

Start Posting Already!

Hahaha! At last, i am typing for my first "real" post in my first ever 100% English blog (not really la, maybe 80% Eng, 20% BM..) . Actually, why I haven't post this entry sooner after my Prepost?

I want to make my first post special, but I don't know what to write about, and finally I ended up writing this. I don't have a clear idea what i want to write about but i feel like I must write something or otherwise, this blog wont even get started (Can you count how many "write" in this paragraph? =p).

Okay, I just got some ideas what to share with you guys. I want to tell you guys why and what I'm gonna do with this blog? Actually, it is absolutely as one of the platform that I choose to improve my English language. I want to post something which i must compose in at least 80% English and I want you guys to comment on every English error that i done in any of my posts in the future (Grammar, Vocab, Punctuation, etc), and from that, I can learn from my own mistakes. I really need your help in achieving my mission (kind of big right? Objective maybe... Hahaha!). Anyway that is the important one.

In order to reach my goal, i will pledge to myself that I will be posting on everyday to show my level of commitment in improving my English. Oh, some redundancy issue here.. Hahaha! (except for holidays la or when i got no internet connection). If I missed posting in any particular day, Insya-Allah I will qada' it on the next day. Hahahaha!

Lastly, to all my friend out there (or anyone), I really hope to get your support on this. Show your first support by commenting on any errors in this post! Hahahaha!

Ok, till my next post!

See ya!

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