Sunday, January 25, 2009

Words of the day

From now on, I will be posting some vocabularies that I found interesting. From this, maybe I may increase the number of my vocabs and plus, some of them can even be practiced in our daily life . I will start with two words that I found for the hit tv series, Ugly Betty.

Source: Ugly Betty, Episode 512 - Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

1. Bossy pants

Term given to someone whom being bossy of course

Hilda: I might not do things the way that you want me to, but you can't be Betty bossy pants
Betty: Don't call me Betty bossy pants.
Hilda: Well, then stop trying to control everything.

2. Snafu

SNAFU is an acronym meaning, "Situation Normal, All F***ed Up". It is sometimes bowdlerized to "Situation Normal: All Fouled Up" or similar, in circumstances where profanity is discouraged or censored. In modern usage, "snafu" is often used as an interjection, as a shorthand for the sentiment expressed by the phrase. "Snafu" is also sometimes used as a noun or verb, referring to a situation that suddenly went awry, or the cause of the trouble. The acronym is believed to have originated in the US Army during World War II.

Betty: I've been dealing with a little work snafu.
Daniel: There was a work snafu, huh?
Betty: It's all taken care of. Amanda helped me.
Daniel: Hh. That's--that's great.


teyha! said...

u really are into tv series. hihi.
p/s: mind if amend a thing or two on your blog? :)

aaziz said...

Tv series? Yah, of course! I donwloaded many of them from LAN, and some of them I haven't watch yet.

Amend something? Maksudnya? To improve? Sure! This is the purpose of this blog. I need someone to correct me if i was wrong

teyha! said...

amend is, yes, to improve, basically to correct the wrongs, to make something better.

*i haven't watched yet.


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