Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quotable Quotes of The Week

Some vocabularies that i think I want to use in the future:

My mother told me not to follow, which made me quite disappointed because I was hoping for a family vacation like last years, huhu... Yet, on Sunday I succeeded in requesting my lil' brother to drive me to Midvalley because I was sooo kempunan of Beard Papa's cream puffs.


At a junction, a car in front of me stopped suddenly. The signal lamp turned on, indicating it wanted to go to the right lane although he could actually do that without stopping . Consequently, he rest of the cars at the back, including me had to stop and wait until it managed to do that.

Last Saturday, my family and I were on a trip to fetch Haezel from her community service programme, “Program Latihan Khidmat Negara” which is located in Kem Ulu Pari, Aqua Village, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

"Supposed to"
I supposed to watch MKMF 2007 on TV but I lost interest and go online instead.

I am not being paedophilic and god-forbids-whatnot. This thought has been thought in my head. Hehe. I am a human after all.

"Come along"
Would you like to come along to visit Tailuro’s grave at Hokkaido tomorrow? I know you’re still tired and all but I’m hoping you to be there with me.


Personally, I think it is good that Warta Perdana is aired at 9pm. 7pm to 9pm is where we should spend the time for Maghrib and Isya prayers. Not watching the television and procrastinate our prayers.


Szakif said...

eh, my name also included. huhu~

Anonymous said...

Yeay! Im included as well...

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