Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Correction of the Week


Instead of using 'No Tasting' or 'No Testing' you can use 'No Sampling'. It can be used for both edible and non-edible items.


Hopefully I can finish mark, at least half of it by tonight.

Hopefully I can finish marking, at least half of them by tonight.


Have any of you experience a moment when you was talking about a person and all of the sudden, the person was actually standing behind you?


Has anyone of you ever experience a moment where you are talking about a person and all of a sudden, that person is actually standing right behind you?


dla said...

Aziz, I took 2 english classes here.One of them is grammar. Well, I need to brush off my rusty English command.

1- Your 3rd sentence, I think you don't really need 'EVER' as it is just an adverb. Meaning that you sentence is correct w'out putting 'EVER' in it.

2- Your use of 'WAS' is not incorrect either. It all depends on the context of your whole text. Although using 'WERE' is more appropriate with YOU.

Just my '1 sen'. May be you can double check here:
(one of my favs english grammar website)

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ dla - Madam, thanks for all the correction.

About the word 'ever', i thought i sounds better with it. Or not?

'You was..' - I didn't mean to write that. Typo error I guess. Hahaha! Nak cover. I only realized that after my friend, Wee, corrected me. Is it true we can use 'was' eith 'you'?

Aper2 pon madam, thanks for the website. Will visit it for sure.

teyha! said...

eh aziz. sikit lagi. has anyone of you experienceD.

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