Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Idea of Stepping Up

Source: Smallville - 802 - Plastique

I kind of hate doing group work actually. This is because not all members willing to give their very best to finish the task given. Plus, some of them just like to go with the flow. The disease of "Korg buat la. Aku ikut jer". No effort to step up, to give idea, to support. Frustrated with this kind of people.

Nevertheless, that is how life is. We are dealing with many kind of people. Some people just like to condemn other people work, some people like to take charge, sometime overshadow other people (this is also not good), some are lazy enough to do a simple task, some just let other people do the work, but then, he/she also want his/her name for the credit. What da...? Blah la..

K ar. terluah perasaan plak kat sini. In conclusion, please step up! Do not wait for others.

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