Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Source: Ugly Betty - 315 - There's No Place Like Mode

According to Urban Dictionary, obvi is a concise derivative of the word obvious or obviously. It is pronounced "ov-ee" - easier said than read - and is popular among Brits.

It came over to America and was pretty much spread 'round the US like an STD (what da heck?). Obvi was invented shortly after the English sent people to the US for colonization. The English were becoming more and more infuriated with these new colonists, and lost their patience with these rebels.

A poor American was caught saying "obvi" on accident, and the Brits began to say it mockingly. Unfortunately, the mockers saw their foolish mockery become a worldwide trend. And a darn good one at that.

IrAziz say,

The history of the word is doubtful, don't you think guys? Spread like STD, ye la tu. Whatever it is, I bet some of my friends will use it in the future, kan fixa?

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