Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Capture Scenes From TV Series With GOM Player

Since Mdm Dilla asked me to teach her how to capture scenes from tv series, I think it is better for me to do the tutorial instead of explaining just with words. Hehe! No worries. It's easy!


You need to download the GOM player of course. GOM player is a free software. You can download it here (credit to It is a very good multimedia player. I even set it as my default player for my computer. After downloaded it, install and try to run it.


After you run the player, right click, go to Video> Advance Screen Capture.


A new window will pop out. In this window, you can see the setting for the output (the scenes that you already captured) and also other option for 'capture'. Change the directory according to your preference. In my opinion, it is always easier to just set the output file to the 'desktop'. It will be easier for you to find the file there.


The setting is actually already complete. You can just hit the 'CTRL + E' button to any scene that you want to capture. The output will be at the directory that you set for the previous step.


There is also another option instead of hitting the 'CTRL' and 'E' button simultaneously.

What you can do is that, right click on the player. Go to Preference>Keyboard>Add. Another window will pop out. At the 'Command', search for 'CAPTURE_Save Current Screen'. Then, add a short key.

There are 5 short keys available, SPACE, ENTER, BACKSPACE, ESC and TAB. In my opinion, it is better to choose either BACKSPACE or TAB because the ENTER button already been set to enlarge the screen of the window, the SPACE button is use to pause and play the media and ESC is use to close the player. Personally, I choosed BACKSPACE for my 'Capture' button.

Ok, that's all. Do not forget to try ya!

Additional info - How To Capture the Current Screen With Subtitle?


Firstly of course you need to download the subtitle first. There are a lot of subtitle's websites on the net and after exploring most of the subtitle's websites, I think that has the complete database of subtitles ever.


After you downloaded the sub, try to open it with a notepad. You will see all the script in the notepad.


Next, rename your subtitle's file with the same name with your media file (becareful not to change the extension of the subtiles. The default extension is '.srt').


Then, play your media file with GOM Player. Walla! The subtitles is embeded with your media file. If you want to be more advance, you can change the setting for the subtitle. Simply right click on the player, go to Preferences>Subtitles. There you can actually change the font or the color of the subtitles.

Ok, I think that's all for now. Again, don't hesitate to try ya. Ta! TTFN!


Dilla said...

tx aziz. i'll try to do it this wikend. btw, i do need to have the actual video first right? then only i can use GOM to capture any part of it. or i can browse through GOM to get any video? tx again!

Ir A.Aziz said...

You have to have the video first. GOM is actually a multimedia player which is same with Windows Media Player, Real Media, Winamp but i'm not sure whether you can browse the video thru GOm or not. Hmmm~

Emiratez said...

Tapi yg ni gune GOM. Bukan sume org ade GOM player..

RosmanPositivo said...

vlc, media player classic, etc byk player ade jgk feature utk screen capture don wori.

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Emiratez @ Rosman - GOM still the best! :p

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