Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Polishing My English

I've been resting at home for almost one month doing nothing. Not exactly doing nothing la, I still applying for jobs through the net, meeting my friends once a week and also, filling up my free time watching tv series that I downloaded. Hahaha! What a boring life right?

Suddenly, yesterday, I got a call from a company named 'Materialise Software' (about time for an interview. Hahaha!). The caller told me that I was selected to go for an interview this Thursday. I was blurred at that time because I don't remember when did I apply for a job from this company (it is actually through JobStreet. Silly me.). I just agreed that I will go to the interview, considering this is a chance for me to experience a real job interview session.

The most important thing to prepare myself for the interview is to polish my English. I don't think I have problem with my resume/CV (huh? Statement!). It has been almost one month since the last time I talked to anyone in English. I feel like I almost lose the confidence to speak in English with other people. Then, what I did was I search for all English books that I have from SPM to Uni level.

To me, the most important book that really helps me to improve my english communication is "Ujian Lisan Bahasa Inggeris 1119 SPM". Hahaha! It's true. The book really helps me to communicate with basic English sentence. I always practice by reading out loud all the examples availabe in that book. This is a tip from me (although I think that I am not the suitable one to give the tip since my English is just average): If you want to familiarize your speech in English, you have to read the word/sentence out loud.

After familiarized myself with the basic book, I proceed with the harder one. The book that I bought for my EOP class (Technical Communication) is also a good book. It has all the examples and also the interview questions that I have to perepare myself with. Tak menyesal beli.

K ar. Out of words. need to practice my English more. Tata!

P/s - What a boring post!


Dilla said...

If I may drop in few words regarding your interview& speaking in English. I used to talk to myself as in practicing alone before I went for an interview. Some people do it in front of a mirror. I just simply talking aloud to myself pretending I'm answering all sorts of questions asked by the interviewer. Do it at home not in public. People might think you are nuts. hehehe..

All the best ok!

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Mdm Dilla - Thanks for the thoughtful tips. Gonna do it right now. Yeah, my mother will think that I am sort of 'angau' or something. Haha!

HamiWeeRAĆ© said...

haha! mmg boring pon~ sbb ko xnk bg ak series yg ko donlod tuh! huh! kedekut! hahahaha!

btw, ko g x interview 2? pe cer weh? ok x ko ckp english? all d bez lah!!

btw, english ko ok je ak dengor.. (amaran keras: tlg jgn perasan ok!)

Anonymous said...

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