Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My U Mobile Is Working~ Yeay!

Hoho! As some of you already know, I got problem with my U Mobile connection at home before. The problem was, although the modem was connected, I still couldn't get through the internet. I had made complaints for several time and got frustrated with it. The customer service's operater once said that it was my problem with the receiver, not their problem.  I don't think the problem came from me because when I was using it at UIA, i worked just fine.

However, yesterday, when I had brought back all my belonging to home, together with my computer, I tried to connect the internet by the U Mobile modem and tada!, the internet was connected. I was happy at that time. Now I can update my blog, get the latest news about my friends from facebook at home from my room.


PrincessLiJo said...

kiranya mlm td tu kat umah la?
da angkut semua blk dah?

Ir A.Aziz said...

aah. Kat umah dah. PEnat weh angkut2. Dekat pukul 2 pagi baru setel.

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