Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Escape from Class, Again~

Yesterday (Tuesday), I had done something that i am not proud of, escaped from class, again. I was overslept and when I woke up, it was already 10.45am. Argh! I got class at 11am. Hmmm, then, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took a shower and fyi, I need at least 15 minutes to clean myself in the bathroom. Hahahaha! Mengalahkan perempuan. Ye la, have to brush my teeth = 5 minutes, shower = 10 minutes. Ok la right?

Then, after shower, the time was already 11.00am. Hmm, got dressed up, very spirited to go to class.

Suddenly, I looked on my table, there were some assignments that I haven't marked yet! Argh! Need to submit them today to the lecturer-in-charge. Hmm, got second thoughts of going to class at that point. I already put on half side of my socks. Hahaha!

Hmm, macam mana nih? I asked my friend, that coincidentally were in my room at that time and then he said;

"Xyah pegi la. Dah kol 11 dah pon."

Aku la. Hampeh pny kawan. Xnak nasihat langsung ha~ (can't totally blame him though)

Hmm, ikut jer la ckp dia. Muahahaha! Playing truant again. Yesterday was my second time to be absented from my English class. Teruk tol.

However, since I decided to be absented from the class, I managed to finish all the marking. Thank God! No more headache from grading all the papers (with all the handwriting etc. etc. ), for now la.

K ar. that's all for now. Just want to share something with you guys

Do pray for me to be a better Muslim in the future. No more ponteng class yah!

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