Saturday, February 28, 2009

28 Posts. Finally!

Finally, 28 posts for 28 days in February. Quite tired but happy at the same time because I achieved my goal for this time.

Gonna relax for one night. Tomorrow InsyaAllah I will post something for the 1st day of March 2009.

Still, I got many other things pending:-

  • Language for Occapational Purpose - Do feasibility report. Company profile need to edit a bit.
  • Eng. Aspects 0f Animal and Plant Tissue Culture - Study for mid term exam on this Wed
  • FYP - Of course, need to speed up my progress. Need to meet my supervisor next week, InsyaAllah. No more escaping. Hahaha!
  • IIUM Caklempong Musical Group - Edit the new template for the club's blog
  • Do laundry
  • Job application online.
  • Buy A4-size envelope - to submit my resume to selected company. Huh, dah carik keje dah.
Pray for my success in the future.

K ar. See ya!


HamiWeeRAĆ© said...

wahh! gler r ko! pestyme ak tgk acara maraton blog! tahniah bro, tahniah..

btw, smoga dpt kije yg bagos2.. amin..

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ HamiWeerAe - Hahaha! Aku mmg besemangat. Kejer? InsyaAllah. Ko ponn sama. Selamat mencari kejer gak~

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