Monday, February 16, 2009

Went Outing Before Fajr

Yep, right! I went out with my friend Husna and Yaya before fajr today.
BTW, Husna just published her new blog. Visit her new blog here (aku dah pomot blog ko, nanti bayar yer. Hahaha!)
It was very fun, although I was very lazy to wake up early at first. Since I promised to Husna that I will help her, so there should not be any excuse for me to not to do it. Actualy, she asked me a favor to take her friend, Yana at Duta's Bus Station.

So, at 5.30am, I recieved a 'missed call' from Husna, tring to wake me up. Then, she sent me a message. At that time, I was like (dalam hati), "Malasnyer, 5 minit lagi la". Hahahaha! Then, she called me again, I picked up the phone and the conversation was like this:

"Weh, ko dah bangun ker?", she said.
"Aku tgh siap nih", I replied to her.

To be honest, I was lying to her at that time. I was still on my bed. Hahahaha! Jgn marah Husna, Nevertheless, I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face and wetted my hair so that I will look like I had already took a bath (nak mandi btol2 sebenarnyer, tp takut x sempat).

Then, they picked me up at my Mahallah, and they asked me to drive the car to Duta's Bus Station since none of them know how to get there from Gombak. On the way out from the campus, we saw that a numbers of Makcik Cleaner already come to UIA so early in the morning (the clock is not 6.00 am yet). I was really amazed with them because they are really hardworking (compared to several IIUM's staff yg malas walaupon kejer dalam office).

Then we arrived at the bus station after about 15 minutes. Yana already waited for us at the front gate. She said that she already there since 4 o'clock. Kesian giler. Lama nak mampus tunggu.

Unfortunately, there was a problem when we were about to go out from the bus station. We didn't know how to U Turn for the station. Hahaha! We ended up at Taman Tasik Perdana because I chose the wrong junction. Lawak tol.

On the way back home, I decided to drive via Jalan Pahang (time pegi, kitorg ikut Selayang). Then, we tried the new DUKE (Duta-Ulu Kelang) Highway. We thought that the tol was not operated yet but then, we was wrong. Hilang RM 2 sbb ikut tol tu. Hahahaha!

Lastly, we arrived at UIA at about 6.35 am.

Best gak ar kuar pagi2 nih. There were actually so many things that we can do if we wake up early in the morning. In addition, it is not encourage to sleep after Fajr.

From the trip, I observed so many things that make me realize that I am actually a total lazy jerk. I have to change myself to become a better person in the future. No more bangun lambat and tido lepas subuh, InsyaAllah.


PrincessLiJo said...

Hahaha..pertama-tama sekali time kaseh byk2 sbb temankn kitorg pg td..
then,huhuu..aku tau ko mmg x bgn lg..sbb kalo x mst ko dh respon kat msg aku tu..hihi

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ PrincessLiJo - Hahaha! Yeyer jer ko tau aku tak bangun lagi.

Mcm best plak kuar pagi2 buta. Otak pon segar. Next time kita kuar lagi nak. Berjogging kat Taman Tasik Perdana lpas subuh. Smbahyg subuh kat Masjid Negara la. Best wo. Kita wat trip la.

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