Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Still Not In The Mood...

It's already 3.59 am. I just woke up half and hour ago. I plan to do my fyp this morning but still not in the mood to do it.

Ya Allah, aku memohon kepada Mu, berilah aku interest untuk buat project nih.
I know my project is not that difficult to do but it needs a lot of understanding. That is my problem. I don't really understand what should I do for my project. I feel guilty to Izzah and Amir since I kinda dragged them to do the same project like me. Hua! Sori korg. Korg msti menyesal. Tapi Izzah kata,
"nak menyesal pon xguna. Dah nak abes sem dah pon".

Sometimes I feel like, can I just submit the project although it is not complete? I don't care if I will get "C" or whatever as long as I can pass the course. But it does not work that way. We must fulfill our project's objectives (kata Amirizal). Adoila~

Hmm, below are the pictures of a part of what I did for my project:

Project title: Computer Aided Design of Endoglucanase from Melanocarpus albomyces for Textile Application

The sequence of the enzyme, endoglucanase

This is suppose to be the active site.

The ligand or the substrate: Cellobiose

The docking score. The docking score should be as lowest as possible.

Structure of the enzyme with the ligand (in pink)

K ar. Please pray for me, to do the project with hapiness. Xder feeling2 down yah.



PrincessLiJo said...

huhu..doa utk aku sekali..jauh dah kena tgl ni..
weh! aku ade suggestion..
why don ko includekan sekali hasil kerja ko guna photoshop tue..mst Dr.I n Dr.H impress giler tgk effort ko..hahaha! ;p

teyha! said...

aziz. apa malas2 ni? not good. berusehe!

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ PrincessLiJo - giler gempak project aku nanti kan?! Ada bunga2, colourful2. Nanti sampai Dr. I pon berada di alam fantasi. Hahahaha!

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ teyha! Aku malas nak wat project jer. Wat bnda lain aku agak rajen la. Frust la bila buat bnda yg tak paham nih. Argh~

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