Monday, December 28, 2009

And The WInner Of Survivor Samoa Is...

Caution! SPOILER ALERT! Not recommend for those who is still not finish watching or haven't watch Survivor Season 19 (Samoa) yet!

I don't know whether I'm happy or the other way round about the current winner of Survivor. The winner is Natalie. She was Foa Foa original. I did love her. I rooted for her at the middle of the season. I love her key move of the game, which was, conspiracy to vote out Nick at the beginning of the emerge. She was an honest player.

On the other hand, Russell (Evil Russell, also from Foa Foa) played the game damn well! He found three individual immunity idols which two of them he found without any clue. Really impressed by that! Plus, he a very good strategist. He shoot down anyone who was a threat to him and it worked! And I don't understand why other members of Foa Foa didn't dare to fight him. Most of them just followed what Russell said, to vote out the person that he didn't like. Pity Marrissa and Betsy. These were the two whose realized that Russell was an aggressive competitor in the game but both of them were voted out so early, thanks to Russell's evil plan. Monica from Galu found out Russell weaknesses after the emerge but it was a little too late. If she found out about Russell background a bit earlier, I bet Russell will not be in the top 3. Russell is a wealthy person. He kept the secret while in the game. Somehow Monica know about that and Russell was pissed off. He didn't want anyone to know about his background because he didnt want anyone think that he already rich enough and he didn't need the $1 000 000 prize.

Anyhow, personally, I think that Russell deserved to be the winner. Although his tactics a bit unacceptable (like throwing other people drinking water and burn Jaison's pair of socks and a lot more), but he really played the game. But then, Natalie, at most of the time, was only followed Russell's plan. She was just the fiduciary to what Russell planned. Anyway, Natalie won with a majority of 1 vote. Thank God none of the juries voted for Mich. He didn't do anything in the game. Just followed orders. Worse than Natalie. Russell a bit emotional when he didn't win the game. You can see tears in his eyes in the picture below.

Anyway, Russell didn't go home empty handed. Thank God he won the viewer's votes. He got $100 000. At least he won something.

Lats but not least, I really looking forward to watch the next season of Survivor. Season 20: Heroes versus Villains. I bet Russell will be one of the villains. Hopefully he will be on that season. Can't wait for 11th of February 2010 for the premier. Gonna download the episode immediately after some cool guy from US post the links.

Wah, today's post a bit long. But I bet, not many people will read it, other than those who is/was following Survivor 18: Samoa.

K ar. Tu jer.

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