Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Hobby - Watching Stupid YouTube Videos

The title says it all. Yep. And I found this one channel from this guy named Ray William Johnson, he actually broadcasting his own video blog, and it is DAMN FUNNY! You guys should subscribe his channel. Simply click here to watch all his video blogs.

Here is one of his own episode, titled Ninja Squirrel:-

Ray, I'm promoting ur channel. Hope that one day my name will appear in one of your coming episodes. :p

P/s - Some of his episodes may contain words/phrases that might touch some sensitivity issue. I am watching it for fun only. Not that I consider all his words. Some I don't agree too.


HamiWeeRAĆ© said...

siyesly~ u did keep ur word when u said "a post a day!"

aku dah malas gler nak update blog aku! (T__T)

IrA.Aziz said...

@ wee - I hv too. otherwise my english will berkarat.. :(

Ir A. Aziz said...

@ wee - *i hv to...

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