Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Post A Day!

Hey Mr Aziz, listen to me. I need u to update your English blog EVERYDAY! By hook or by crook! I don't care how u gonna do it but I better see something on your blog or else! I can see that your English is getting worse already.

Don't give any excuses. Penat la, got no time la, aper la.. Just post something. At least a sentence. You don't have to write a long story. Okay.

I hope that you are clear about this, okay?

Feel like x betol. Cakap ngan diri sendiri. Haha!


HamiWeeRAĆ© @ Wee said...

hahahaaa~ at least membebel kpd diri sendiri itu can already be regarded as a post!

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ wee - tu la pasal. aku rasa english aku dah semakin teruk dah. x practise. hampeh sungguh.

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