Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We are moving!

Wah2, new office, new environment! Am I quitting my current job? No lah. I still working for Symphony. Jadi kuli batak. Hahaha! We will be moving to our new headquarter today. So excited to see the new building (not really excited to work though, as usual). Symphony's own building.

Before this, I was working at Menara HLA, Jalan Pinang, KL. Opposite to Pavilion, near to KLCC. At that time, Symphony just renting 3-4 floors for its operation. And there are also other Symphony's branches at different places in KL. For example, in KL Sentral, Damansara, etc. Also, for all of that places, Symphony just renting some floors for its operation. Now, all the employees will be placed under one roof, Symphony's own building at Ara Damansara.

Hmm, I have to go out from my house half to one an hour earlier than I normally did since the place is much further compared to the previous one. I have to take a bus form my house to KL, then LRT from KL to Kelana Jaya, then, another bus from Kelaja Jaya LRT Station to our new building.

Okay, matta ne!

P/s - I sill having the sore-throat. Forgot to buy Fishermen Friend yesterday, :(

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